Saint Joseph Homeseller Kit
Saint Joseph
Homeseller & Friend of the Family

St. Joseph Home Sale Kit

Includes: Step-by-Step Instructions, Story, Saint Card, and St. Joseph statuette.

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Attention Realtors!!!
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Case pack of 16 statues with display box.....$109.50

Saint Joseph, the foster father of Jesus and Husband of Mary, enjoys the title of patron for many things.  One of his most prominent tasks as a patron is the protection of all things domestic, notably family and  employment.  The church holds up the example of the Saints, in the way they led their lives, as models for the Christian faithful.  It is within the context of St. Joseph's loving concern for the Holy Family, and by extension, all families, that the devout look to him for assistance and encouragement.

The practice of invoking St. Joseph to assist one in the search for a home is well known and is many hundreds of years old.  St. Teresa of Avila, the 15th century reformer of the Order of Carmel, was emphatic about this and invoked St. Joseph whenever she worked to establish a new foundation or convent for her Cloistered Nuns. It is not surprising then that contemporary faithful of every walk of life continue invoke Joseph in matters of selecting, finding homes and the "sale" of current homes.

This practice takes it's place along many other devotional practices whereby the church encourages the faithful.  It is not magic nor superstitious in itself.  Rather it is a form of prayer that actively engages the petitioner, mentally, spiritually and physically.  First, to approach St. Joseph as an intercessor is an act of humility where the soul acknowledges ones place in the divine scheme.  And in the particular need we face, to ask one more powerful than ourselves for assistance.  In this very act, one also becomes resigned - not as despair - but in hope, in trust in what will come whatever that may be knowing in faith that only good, however it may be clothed, will be obtain on our behalf.

The testaments to the efficaciousness of this practice are incessant.  As one who has worked in our retail stores fro many years I have heard these testaments from shoppers myself on many many occasions.  Anecdotally, perhaps only by coincidence, one of the most frequent references in these testimonials is to "Three."  "Three weeks," a customer may say, "after I invoked St. Joseph, and my house was sold."  Another said, though it took a little longer, and he was bidding on HUD homes, "I won the bid on my home by three dollars."

In the end, even if one is far from the church, or from any denomination, ones faith is strengthened and ones inner spirit, even if imperfectly, approaches a perfection to which we are all called.

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