Wax Remover

8 oz. Bottle

US$ 18.65/Ea

1 Gallon Jug

US$ 44.00/Ea

 Wax Remover is the ideal for wax spilled on the Altar Cloths, carpets, wood, marble, glass, fabrics, candle holders or burners.

Wax Spills: Suggestions

1. Carpets

A properly installed quality candle won't drip, but accidents do happen occasionally. If wax is spilled on the carpet, scrape off the excess wax with a dull object (a teaspoon works well) so as not to damage the carpet. Then, using a "nubby" cloth (such as a face cloth) apply Wax Remover, rubbing the affected area briskly with a firm pressure. Turn to a fresh spot on the cloth and rub clean. Wax Remover will not discolor carpeting or fabrics. DO NOT IRON THE CARPET. Heat can damage wool and melt synthetic fibers.

2. Wood, Marble, Glass

Gently remove what wax you can with a dull knife or spoon, wrapped in a thin cloth to protect delicate varnished surfaces. Then pour a small amount of Wax Remover on the remaining wax, let stand for a dozen seconds or so, and wipe off with a lint-free cloth.

3. Fabrics

Carefully lift hardened wax from the fabric with your fingers. Place an absorbent cloth under the material to be cleaned. Dampen a corner of a clean, lint-free cloth with a small amount of Wax Remover and gently rub the affected area clean.

If you notice a film or a slight licorice smell after using Wax Remover, it can easily be removed with a bit of warm water and a small amount of soap or gentle detergent.