Traveling Mass Kits

Traveling Mass Kit #Z27
17"x 13"x5" high quality case with portfolio for linens.
Includes the following items nested in poly-foam:
  • 6" Chalice & Paten metal all gold plated;
  • 1 pair stainless steal cruets
  • 1 pair votive glass candlesticks
  • 1 16 oz. wine decanter
  • 1 metal host box
  • 1 standing crucifix
Traveling Mass Kit #Z27 $425.00 
Chalices are all metal construction, all gold plated.  The chalice cups are silver plated before they are gold plated for durable finish.

Traveling Mass Kit #Z32
11"x 9"x 6" soft sided case, super-foam inside. Includes:
  • 4" Chalice
  • Combination Paten/Host Box
  • Pair Votive glass candlesticks
  • Standing Crucifix
  • 1 ea. Bottles for wine & water
Traveling Mass Kit #Z32 $330.00