Candle Lighters & Snuffers

Candle Lighters

Sudbury presents a broad selection of candle lighters made of solid, highly polished brass matched to dark hardwood handles for balanced accurate use.  The graceful designs are unsurpassed.  Careful fitting distinguishes the assembly and and work.

item# description price  
SB5-3 36" Lighter/Snuffer  $110.70
SB5-5 60" Lighter/Snuffer (not shown) $112.50
SB9 30"   Lighter/Snuffer (for votive glass) $116.10
SB6-24 24"  Lighter/Snuffer $106.20
SB3 18"  Lighter/Snuffer $67.50
SB4 18"  Lighter (No Snuffer) $45.00
SB8 4'-6' Adjustable Lighter/Snuffer All brass
(not shown)
SB14 35" non-adjustable. Lighter/Snuffer All brass
(not shown)

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