Altar Breads By Cavanagh Company

    Cavanagh Company offers by far the best altar bread. 
All breads have a carefully molded sealed edge which prevents crumbs. 
They are baked of only pure wheat flour and water and are made strictly without additives. 
These breads are superior in substance and sign value. 
    Cavanagh breads are produced in the United States in an exceptionally clean and modern automated facility. 
The breads are sealed minutes after baking and are untouched by human hands. 
    Cavanagh packaging is superior to all other forms. 

Special attention is called to the merits of the rigid, clear, recyclable container. 
It is our best package because it offers: complete hermetic seal, protection of freshness, protection against tampering, easy opening, easy dispensing and easy resealing -- at no extra cost.

5 3/4" Large- Whole Wheat
This large concelebration host has impressed lines for easy breaking into 24 pieces.

2 3/4" Large White & Whole Wheat

1 3/8" and 1 1/8" - White & Whole Wheat

1 1/2" Special - Whole Wheat
These breads are more wheaten and have three different incised designs which have a significance for
one receiving in the hand.


Rolls in Boxes - Breads Available
1 1/8" White & Whole Wheat . 1 3/8" White & Whole Wheat
ALL BOXES HAVE 1,000 pcs/each (ten rolls of 100 each)
2 3/4" Large - White & Whole Wheat - 50 pcs/box

5 3/4" Large -
Whole Wheat

9" Double Thick -
White & Whole Whea

This superior package is available from Egan's at no extra cost. This clear, rigid, recyclable container (4" x 4" x 9 3/4") is the best of our packaging methods.